The pleasure of leadership

The secret of born leaders is complicity – and pleasure. Pleasure is one great glue stick to connect with the people you strive to lead.

Leadership of that kind transcends the traditional requirements of being clear, or motivational, or inspirational. It taps into the very core by drilling into the depths of our emotional responses.

Once you find your true character, you’ll be able to find pleasure in the performance. And grow. “If you’re in the spotlight, either onstage or in someone’s attention, you can’t afford being small.”

So, find your true character, enjoy it and become a bigger human being. That’s how you inspire followers, attract believers, build visions and win contracts.

That’s also why the body can be the most convincing instrument of leadership. Gaulier preaches an awareness of the physical and an appreciation of it. “Sometimes you feel so light and strong that you want to fall in love. Or strike a super deal. Or buy a good sandwich.”